Artist statement

     In the beginning, the Drone birds ruled the land.  Born with wide open eyes and joyous spirits, they lived a life of peace and discovery; swinging from branch to branch with their finger-like wings and hooked beaks, never having trouble finding new ways to entertain themselves.  As they evolved, their eyes began to sink further into their heads until all that remained were gaping holes.  They adapted by maintaining an impressive memory and intuitive sense of their environment.  The daytime finds them disoriented and uncomfortable - the gaping holes are in fact an entryway into their brains.  Thus, they generally appeared during twilight, and remained in the Dronelandian forest due to their unfamiliarity with what lived beyond those borders. 

All was well until the Ounwalla birds emerged from their shadowy caves.  These long-necked, long-eared birds arrived with the intention to subdue the Drone birds and gain control of the land.  They were blessed with a keen sense of organization and persuasion; they had no trouble gaining the trust of the Drone birds.  The Ounwallas quickly discovered the Drones’ weaknesses and slowly began to infiltrate their system.  Soon after, the uninhibited killing began.  Knowing that drones traveled in groups, they would attack from above, killing them in large numbers.

After nine years of fighting the Ounwallas, the Drones set forth their master plan in retaliation.  They would steal the Ounwalla birds’ eggs (Ouneggs), killing the chicks inside, and use their placenta worms to procreate.  Thus, the drone birds began to multiply and the Ounwalla birds started to lose ground.  As a last attempt at domination, the Ounwallas created a killing machine; powered by one Ounwalla, it could kill thousands of Drone birds at once. 

In a state of desperation, the Drone birds called upon the holiest of birds, the god's Shameless Creation, using the Vomit Tree of Spirits.  Once the Vomit Tree bloomed, the call was sent to the ocean-dwelling fowl.  He saved those who were truly lost, and purged the land of its oppressors. 

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    • "Ounas first trip to the killing fileds"
    • Anthony Randon
    • Oil on canvas, 36X46

    • "Upon entering Notyahn Nodnar, the vomit tree whispers a secret."
    • Anthony Randon
    •  Oil on canvas, 65X57

    • "An inconvenient circumstance."
    • Anthony Randon
    •  oil on canvas, 56X56

    • "Mount Occulous, we fear you always."
    • Anthony Randon
    • Oil on canvas, 46X36

    • "The Master Plan"
    • Anthony Randon
    •  Oil on Canvas, 53X60


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