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Shifting through the rubble of contemporary life, my work examines the nuances of transformation. I address catharsis and the shedding of the old self to the essence of becoming a renewed generative identity, the journey of ruin to renewal. Like a molting cicada shedding its past life, my work explores traces of discarded history and alludes to new beginnings. I express this process through unique layering techniques where I build up, peel away, scrape down, and build up again – as a ritual manifestation of our daily movement through life. I often use buildings, architectural forms and constructed spaces as a metaphor for the framing of the human body and mind: boards and concrete as bone; facades and veneers as skin and dressing; the illusion of space as memory and thought. Bodies and shelters are designed to contain living spirits, yet both are altered by time and decay. The active life of the interior becomes manifest externally.

Remnants of images often appear in my work, disintegrating on façades replete with fissures, cracks, and relief textures. These are reminiscent of excavated artifacts, relics of a deteriorating past, memories of events or places painted with the illusion of deep space. The cracked veneers and open brushwork disrupt the perception of dimensional space, revealing the pretense that it is only flat and finite. The ephemeral nature of the broken and entropic surfaces may suggest, like memory, that time may soon forget this place.

As a catalyst for discourse, I attempt to invoke connections through transformed surroundings, coalescing objects, and depictions of ambiguous narratives. Distorting the scale of recognizable objects plays a vital role in reorienting the viewer’s body to an altered awareness of the environment. This sets the stage for transcending the making of mere objects, and generating relational encounters where creative acts are coauthored to further mutual understanding of our surroundings and ourselves.



Built with Apostrophe